What's Included:

Join the community and receive...
◦ A guide to understanding the phases in your cycle - what they didn’t teach you in health class but should have
◦ Healthy hormone tips
◦ Journal prompts for connecting to each phase
◦ Grocery checklist
◦ Grocery item faves
◦ Clean favorites
◦ 20+ cycle supporting workouts
◦ 40+ meal recipes tailored to each phase of your cycle
◦ Access to a private Instagram group with new recipes, live workouts, and more info.


Can I cycle sync if I don’t get a period?
You cannot cycle sync if you do not have a period. If you don’t have a period or if you have a very irregular cycle, we highly suggest working with a doctor to get to the root cause of that issue. However, you can still benefit your overall health by eating the nourishing recipes included and by moving your body strategically.

Can I cycle sync if I am on birth control?
Yes, even though hormonal changes are synthetic when on birth control, you can still benefit overall hormone balance by applying these principles. This method will also help your body when transitioning off of BC.

How fast will I feel and see results?
Many start to feel less PMS, better energy, and less symptoms within the first month. Ultimately though, it takes 3 full cycles to regulate completely, so keep it up!

Do I have to do this perfectly to experience the benefits?
No! Every suggestion in this guide, is just that, a suggestion. We truly believe and know that moving, eating, and living in alignment with your cycle can make you feel better in all areas of life in a way you didn't even know was possible. The cool thing is, you don't need to follow these tips to a T to get the benefits.

Is there a community page to be a part of?
Yes! When purchasing this platform, you will receive access to the private instagram page, @forcetoflow. On that account, new recipes and workouts will be posted weekly. We will also do lives and Q+A’s for the community of like-minded women on a journey to better themselves and their quality of life.

How do I know what phase I’m in?
Day 1 of your bleed starts day 1 of your menstrual cycle. From here, it's easy to track your cycle to know what phase you are in. We have all the info needed to track your cycle and know where you are at in the e-book!

How do I get started with cycle syncing?
Small changes create long term results. Print out our grocery check-list next time you go to the market, try two new recipes we suggest a week, change your workout routine to be in-tune with where your body is at. Start where feels comfortable and build from there.